On the 20th of October, in Blagoveshchensk was held the largest forum in the Russian Far East and Siberia dedicated to international Internet commerce (Amur E-commerce forum 2018).

October 29, 2018

The Forum was organized by the Municipal Center of International Cooperation. It was supported by the Blagoveshchensk `s Administration, the Export Support Center of the Amur Region, the Entrepreneurship Support Center of the Amur Region.

The event was attended by about 600 people, most of whom are representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, both domestic and foreign companies.

According to the organizer of Amur E-commerce Forum 2018 Maxim Nozhenkina, the main goal of the forum is to let entrepreneurs know strategies and techniques, which would help them promote their products.

The Forum was opened by Alexander Kozlov, Minister of the Far East Development, who delivered the welcoming address:

“Today in the Amur Region, as in other Far Eastern regions, global changes are taking place in the social sphere, economy, and the main task for all of us is to improve the quality of life. A large role in this process is played by the presence of a good, developed system of information technologies. E-commerce is a part of this system, and it is important that it provides serious opportunities for the movement of small and medium-sized businesses on the Internet. I emphasize that for the Amur region, which borders on China, this is especially important. Now is the time when we need to enter this market and develop it.”

Heihe Mayor Ma Li said in his speech:

“E-commerce is, of course, a new economic sector all over the world, but it is developing very rapidly in China. And now we often organize such courses and events. We train young investors, businessmen. And I would like to see how you do it, everything new that I learn here,  I will convey to my colleagues in China.”

Forum speakers  ̶  top managers of the world's leading online sites, such as Alibaba Group, eBay, OZON.RU. Boris Neiman, General Director of PAL LLC  ̶  an official service partner of Alibaba.com in Russia, addressed the issue of how it`s easy to do business with Alibaba.com. Dmitry Selikhov, deputy director of business development of Alibaba Group in Russia, spoke about the possibilities of the local marketplace. Anastasia Yanovskaya, Business Development Director of eBay Russia & United markets, spoke about export from Russia using eBay. The head of the client and web analytics department at the OZON.ru online store, Igor Selitsky, explained the advantages of working on this Internet site. Invited from China Wu Yinwei, chairman of the board of the Harbin operation and development company with limited liability Lu Gang, and Shen Qihui, deputy head of the management committee of the Heihe zone of cross-border economic cooperation, revealed to the audience new methods of developing e-commerce between China and Russia through complex bonded zones.

The forum received very high marks from both the business community and the authorities.