The delegation of Municipal Center of International Cooperation, headed by the head of international division M.S. Nozhenkin visited Chinese city Wudalianchi on February 8 to 10, 2018

February 15, 2018

The delegation was present at a meeting with Mr. Cui Kai – deputy mayor of tourism and economy of Wudalianchi. Both sides agreed on the importance of cooperation in different spheres such as tourism, culture, economy and trading. Chinese colleagues initiated to hold an event in Blagoveshchensk. They plan to invite various tourism companies from China and Russia to participate in it.

Mr. Cui Kai noticed that sanatorium treatment is popular among Russian tourists, but it is necessary to develop new routes to Wudalianchi. “We want to develop new tourist routes to the city and arrange the sale of goods made in Wudalianchi. We are ready to show these products to a wide range of people within the framework of the exchange that will be held this year”.

More than that, the delegation has visited the local beer factory. Later at the meeting both sides discussed the possibilities of official supplying of beer made on mineral water to Blagoveshchensk. Workers of the factory presented the Production Line (200 million tons per year) and several new sorts of beer. M.S. Nozhenkin remarked that wide range of Blagoveshchensk people are familiar with the beer made in Wudalianchi and promised to help in arranging the supply.