15 December, 2017 negotiations between the head of International division of Municipal Center of International Cooperation M.S. Nozhenkin and the secretary of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shenyang Sub-council Li Yi were held in S

December 21, 2017

During the negotiations both sides introduced economic attractiveness of their regions and capabilities of two enterprises in the sphere of international cooperation. The secretary Li Yi emphasized that Shenyang is the biggest economic center of Northeast China. He also noted that a great number of the city entrepreneurs are ready to cooperate with businessmen from Amur region. As a result, Mr. Li Yi has invited representatives of Municipal Center of International Cooperation and entrepreneurs of Amur region to participate in The Tenth APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Technology Conference and Fair (APEC SMETC in short), which will be held on June 27 to 29, 2018. M.S. Nozhenkin, in turn, invited representatives of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shenyang Sub-council to take part in the next Amur Economic Forum.

Besides, both sides reached a consensus about signing an agreement of cooperation, which could be signed in the next year.

What is more, the event dedicated to 68th anniversary of China-Russia friendship association' formation and to 60th anniversary of Russia-China friendship association' formation was held in Changchun city. The delegation from Blagoveshchensk which consisted of: the deputy mayor of the city - O.A. Kosolapov, the workers of international department O.Yu. Klimchuk and I.A. Petrova took part in this event. The delegation also included the workers of Municipal enterprise "Municipal Center of International Cooperation" - the head of international department M.S. Nozhenkin and the interpreter A.I. Timofeeva. Within the framework of the meeting representatives of Russia Far-East and the government of Changchun city discussed possibilities of further cooperation and current situation in different spheres such as culture, education, economy and sport. The head of international division M.S. Nozhenkin have held negotiations with the deputy director of The Development and Reform Commission of Changchun city - Shan Chun.