The Amur Economic forum was held in Blagoveshchensk city

October 20, 2017

Municipal Enterprise “Municipal Center of International Cooperation” with the support of Blagoveshchensk city Administration and The Government of the Amur region held The Amur Economic Forum on October 12 to 15, 2017. 

The Forum’s organizers were very ambitious in setting the aim of it. They wanted to open investment attractiveness of Amur region to the maximum through presenting investment projects, offered by the business and the authorities, to foreign investors.

Potential investors from China took part in The Forum, particularly from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Harbin, Jilin and Qinghai provinces. More than that, the general director of TH MILK FOOD JSC Mr. Ngo Thanh Hoan also participated in The Amur Economic Forum 2017. The Vietnam TH GROUP is one of the biggest producers of milk in South-East Asia. Last year the company started to build stock-raising complexes (20 000 heads each) in Kaluga and Moscow regions. Recently TH GROUP announced about building three farms and one dairy factory in Primorsky Krai.

In total, about 500 entrepreneurs took part in The Amur Economic Forum 2017. Almost 80 among them are foreigners. 

“The Amur Economic Forum 2017 has let entrepreneurs negotiate with a great number of Russian and Chinese business representatives, who are interested in realization investment projects on the territory of Amur region and Blagoveshchensk city. Different projects concerning tourism, agriculture, pharmaceutical and mining were discussed on The Forum.

More than that, the negotiations with the Mayor of Heihe city Xie Baolu were held as well. It helped to reach the agreements about joint implementation of a number of projects and to discuss the possibilities of creation cross-border economic cooperation zones in future. The Amur Economic Forum 2017 proved its effectiveness and became the major element of the government system in supporting economic and social development of Amur region and Blagoveshchensk city. Far East Investment and Export Agency will take part in the next Amur Forum again and will sign the agreements concerning the realization of different projects”

Dubrovskiy Valeriy Leonovich, the director of Far East Investment and Export Agency.

During The Forum officials of Blagoveshchensk city, Amur region and other municipals spoke in front of entrepreneurs from different spheres. Advanced Economic Zones, The Russian Export Center’s possibilities, Far East Investment and Export Agency were presented there. All participants had a unique opportunity to establish contacts with entrepreneurs from China and Vietnam and to suggest their investment projects as well.

Despite the fact that The Amur Economic Forum 2017 was held in Blagoveshchensk for the first time, it attracted officials from other regions. For example The Sakha (Yakutia) Republic’s representatives, the director of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of The Jewish Autonomous Oblast, the mayor of Heihe city – Xie Baolu, the consul general of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Huynh Minh Chinh and the director of Far East Investment and Export Agency Valery Dubrovsky who arrived from Moscow.

It is important to point out, that this kind of forum was never held in Amur region before. Concrete investment projects with all necessary calculations and feasibilities were presented at The Forum in front of the great number of potential investors from abroad.

“People need to understand that this kind of forum gives delayed effect. Don’t expect that after two days of acquaintance entrepreneurs will sign the contract. Our main purpose is to establish contact for further dialogue and deals. Entrepreneurs and the authorities should learn to work in another way. As the President of Russia V.V. Putin has said, private capital should be the source of additional investment. Thus the entrepreneurs’ task is to learn to attract foreign investment. As for the authorities, they should help businessmen to find each other and to create the most favorable conditions in the region for potential investors” – M.S. Nozhenkin, one of the organizers of The Forum.

Nevertheless, even now the results of The Amur Economic Forum 2017 are clear. The cooperation agreement was sign between The Investment Agency of Amur region and Municipal Center of International Cooperation. Another agreement was sign between Chinese travel agency “Border River” and Municipal Center of International Cooperation. Collaboration of these two companies has already started. More than that, negotiations were held between Ametis JSC and Harbin comprehensive bonded zone. Enterprises discussed production export from Russia to China, using tax and custom privileges. On the whole during The Forum more than 30 negotiations were held between Russian and Chinese enterprises.  The Vietnam TH Group met with ANK Holding. During the meeting two companies discussed the investment project about building a new logistic center in Zarechnoe village. The Vietnam group also visited Ivanovsky and Mazanovsky districts.